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Has Your Home Been Damaged?

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Home damage is never a laughing matter. Your home is your most prized possession, and
for that reason, damage from weather, structural issues and more are never welcome. You
never want your home to fall victim to flooding, burst pipes, broken appliances or wind. Yet,
more often than not, your home will be subjected to one or more of these issues over its
lifetime. Don’t tolerate these issues longer than you have to.

The Kling Law team of insurance lawyers is ready to help you file your home damage claim
properly with your insurance company to get the most you deserve out of your policy!

The team at Kling Law is standing by to help you file your home damage claim
with your insurance company!

Are You Using Your Insurance
Policy Properly?

On average, home owners will utilize their home insurance policy every 9 years. Unfortunately, when homeowners file insurance claims, some
90% of them find their insurance policies to be unnecessarily confusing and complicated. This complex string of legal jargon, loopholes and exclusions is often used to deny claimants part, if not all of their claim due to a missing component or technicality that cannot be corrected.
Florida’s most experienced insurance claim professionals are ready to help you be in the 10%, earning the maximum from your insurance claim.

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What Am I Missing?

You should never miss your on filing your insurance claim properly. Don’t forget to get help from a professional lawyer as you do so. If you fail to file your claim properly, it could be denied. What’s worse, you must document all of the issues extensively through photos, notes, and more from both before and after your property damage. All of these nuances, and more, keep homeowners from getting what they are entitled through their insurance agency.

Make sure you have the right guidance needed from the lawyers at Kling Law to file your claim quickly, efficiently and properly the first time.

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